Implement cybersecurity culture in the workplace

You should have the best security technology you can possibly have, and your organization should have the most effective security policies it can create. consistent behavior defines security culture as the result of consistent behaviors by individuals within an organization. To create consistent behaviors, the organization must create awareness of the desired behaviors by having a good security awareness program. But ultimately, the most powerful way to protect the organization is to create a culture of security. Whatever your place of business — whether it’s a large or small organization, healthcare provider, academic institution or government agency – creating a culture of cybersecurity from the break room to the boardroom is essential.

  • Establish security policies, standards, and procedures
  • Create ongoing security awareness programs that are fun and engaging
  • Focus on security basics
  • Strong password policy
  • Enable two-factor authentication
  • Monitor and enforce access
  • View security as an enabler
  • Assist and guide employees to work safely

How would you define your company culture? Chances are, cybersecurity isn’t featured in your description. However, company culture—particularly the attitudes of executives—can have a big impact on how team members prioritize data security and good cybersecurity hygiene.
Human vigilance makes a huge difference, but it can only go so far. For truly thorough cybersecurity protection, you also need the help of software, devices and automated processes. Threat detection systems, firewalls, regular monitoring and frequent backups are just some of the cybersecurity tools that can provide protection where your team cannot.
Your exact needs will depend on your assets, networks and workflows, and IT services teams can help you invest in the right tools to provide complete end-to-end security. IT services providers also stay updated on the latest developments and can advise you when newer and better products are available.
It’s not all about technology and law enforcement. You need to find as many ways as possible to support your employees’ adherence to security policies, exercise of good judgment and recognition of fraud. Risk perception, social norms and routine monitoring can only help.
Creating a cybersecurity culture is the responsibility of every employee, manager, and contractor to prevent against a cyber breach or cyber attack.

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